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Cancelled chemo

Third and last chemo session

Back to Sunnybrook for my third and last chemo session. We go through the familiar routine of checking in, getting blood work done, then a visit with the triage nurse to review the results. We already knew from my second chemo session that I was not physically handling the side effects of chemo well, so we waited with anticipation (and a little trepidation) to see what today’s blood tests would reveal. Continue reading Third and last chemo session

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Clinic Visits

Along with all of the daily radiation treatments and in-home nurse visits, my busy schedule had to accommodate regular clinic visits as well. At first they occurred more than once a week, and then after treatment ended the time between visits was increased. It was important that every aspect of my health and other aspects of my well-being were monitored. Continue reading Clinic Visits

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Starting to Feel the Side Effects

The first couple of weeks of treatments were uneventful. A little nausea after the chemo treatment, and some pain across my collar bones and into my underarms from the tumour. It was definitely nothing that a few painkillers and anti-emetics couldn’t remedy. It was shortly after that when I started to feel the side effects from radiation treatment  that I’d been warned about.
Continue reading Starting to Feel the Side Effects